Hi there, I’m Mummy Sherpa!

This blog was born when I realised that during the time Pixie is sleeping on me, yes still on me, I can use the time to do something productive. And why not a blog.

I carry Pixie almost everywhere. Living in a small town with cobble stones and a few roads without a pedestrian walkway it is easier and I have 2 free hands while walking around. Not to mention that she is so close to me which I love!

So whenever we head out for an adventure I will transform to a sherpa and carry my traveler on me.

When I was searching for a nickname for her to use on this blog I stumbled across the name Pixie. Pixies are magical creatures, they are beloved for their childlike appearance and bubbly spirits, even though they do play the occasional prank on travelers.

I think the above description perfectly fits my tiny human, my little cheeky monkey, Pixie!