The diaper genie is a controversial product. Some mums are swearing by it others consider it useless. Read about our experience in the next part of my series about the most essential baby products

I belong to the first group but I have to admit you don’t need to use it from birth until the end of the diaper period.

During the first few months we didn’t find the dirty nappies to be smelly, and since we had to change Pixie every 2 hours it was more efficient to use just a normal small trash bag and throw it out every day.

But after a few months, the smell changed. And even if we kept the nappies for a few hours we started to smell it in the apartment. That’s when we started to use the Tommee Tippee diaper bin. And it helped to manage the smell!
I could just keep it next to the changing table and didn’t have to throw out the dirty nappies every day.

I guess it is an option to take out the trash more often, a few times a day, but we live on the 3rd floor, so I have to go down the basement of the house, and with a small baby is not that easy… Or if you are lucky, your little one might not produce as many smelly nappies as mine did, but it was too much for us to handle without the diaper bin.

You can easily find one second-hand, this is a product that doesn’t get used by every mum and lot’s of people stop using it after a few months. So you don’t need to invest that much if you live on a budget. We used the proper refills but you can use a normal little plastic bag as well, although it is not as efficient as the refills.

This product was a big help for us, but I admit that it is not a necessity.