We went on a few holidays recently. You could already read some about our trip to Vietnam, more to follow. And we took another trip to visit our family.

It means I didn’t have as much time for my blog as I’d like to.

Also, Manny is down to one nap a day, crazy how fast he’s growing. He is still not a good sleeper so it’s quite hard to find time for myself.

We still need to find a new routine that works for us. Sleep, house chores, some me time. Whenever we get there something is changing. So we need to adapt.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure it out, but we’ll get there eventually.

Pixie will start kindergarten in September, Mammy will go to our nanny two times a week, so I might get more time. Although I hope to start yoga again and thinking about buying a yearly pass to our swimming pool. We’ll see, I might stay a super busy mummy but I’ll try to put aside more time for this blog.