Since my daughter goes to kindergarten, plays in the park after school, and my son goes to a nanny and meets other kids there we decided to try to live a normal life and don’t shield the kids. We continue wearing our masks but until it’s allowed kids will do some sports and have fun. It was easy with Manny, we have a few more sessions left from last year at his BabyGym. Luckily they are open again just implemented more hygiene rules.

With Pixie, it was more difficult to find something. We went to a sports day where all the sports association where present and she could try out different activities.

I tried it get her into the swim team, but places filled up so fast we couldn’t get in.

She realised that she likes to run so we were after a quite active sport.

She tried an entire session of football and she loved it! So now I became a football mum!

She has done 3 sessions now, and they are so fun! Lot’s of games, running, and of course learning the basics of football. Her age group is only doing the “football school”, only older kids are doing proper football. But for now, it’s perfect. 1.5 hour fun for Pixie!

Pixie playing football

I was a bit scared in the beginning if it would be too much, running around for that long. But they are having fun and she likes it!

She can learn some coordination, play in a team, learn to play by the rules. I think it’s perfect for her!

We’ll see next year if she wants to stick with football or she would try something else. For now, I’m really glad we managed to find something she enjoys!