As a first episode of my series about the most essential baby products you can read about our most used one that is definitely our ergobaby carrier. We are using it since Pixie was around 5 months old. We started with a stretchy wrap then moved to a simple mai tai and when she was big enough we switched to the ergobaby.

My ergobaby is the original model, black/camel colours.

During the past year I carried Pixie almost every day in it, and it proved to be the best choice.

Ergobaby carrier

It is not suitable for newborns, and I didn’t want to use the newborn insert either.

If you read up on the different opinions some suggest using a full buckle carrier from the time your baby can stand or sit up. But it depends on the size of the carrier. It should support your baby from knee to knee. This simply means that the carrier supports your child across the full width of both thighs, from one knee to the other.

Pixie reached the appropriate size for this carrier very fast, she grew so much during the first year!

I took Pixie hiking in it, we walked a lot, took the public transport, used it during flying, we used it almost every day. She got used to it quickly and as far as I could see it was comfortable for her.

It is very easy to use, this is its main advantage compared with wraps. I learned fast how to use different wraps but had some issues when I had to tie mine outdoors. Since it is long it got dirty very fast so wanted to change it for something easy and convenient.

It takes only a few minutes to get Pixie in the carrier and if she wants to come out, I can take it off without any problems. Even when she is on my back. I don’t have to be afraid that she will fall out or something. I have to add, that it was very easy to convince my husband to try out this one whereas he had some reservations with using a wrap. It is very practical if you want to take your kid in and out the carrier often.

We went on various trips with it, getting around is way easier than with a stroller. Steps, no problem! You can get on and off public transportation. The bus is full, there wouldn’t be a space for a stroller, you do not have to think about this when carrying a baby. No space is needed, it fits in your bag, so you can take it with you. When Pixie was small we didn’t need a baby seat in a restaurant she could just sit in my lap in the carrier. Was very useful at the airport going through the security.

She can sleep in it, breastfeed, observe the world, hug me, just lay her head on me, anything she wants. If it rains, I just use our cover. When she was small I was able to close my coat even when she was on me, now I use a polar cover to protect her from the cold. I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without it.

It has a big enough pocket where I keep my keys, bus pass and phone, so if we run out for a quick walk I do not need to take a bag with me. It also has a sleeping hood which is useful if Pixie falls asleep in a strange position and her head is not supported. I can just snap it up and she can continue her sweet dreams. I also used it when she was smaller and the sun was too strong so I wanted to protect her. Now she would simply remove it because she is too curious to stay covered.

When baby n°2 comes I will need to find another carrier, I don’t think it would be comfortable with a big baby bump, but until then I will be using this every day!