The second part of my series about the most essential baby products is about where my Pixie sleeps during our trips.

The average travel cot is very useful during travels, however if you have limited space, it’s not the best solution. We wanted something more compact and light. And we also had a dream, our dream travel cot should fit in our big suitcase. And guess what?! We found it.

Ours is a Samsonite pop up bed but it is exactly the same as the koo-di pop up bubble, travel cot.

It takes some time to learn how to fold it up, but after you get the hang of it it takes only a few seconds.

When the weather is a bit chilly, and the room is not warm enough I just put a blanket under the bed to isolate it from the ground.

You can close the side or leave it open, I opt for the closed option, because Pixie turns a lot during her sleep and I think she would just keep turning until she would be out from the bed.

So far we had enough space in all of our hotel rooms, and believe me, since we are travelling on a budget, our rooms were tiny.

I have to add, I used to work in hotels and I saw how they are cleaning, or more like not cleaning, their own travel cots. It was obvious for me that I would never use one provided by the hotel.

When folded it fits in our suitcase; which is perfect during longer travels. It’s true, you can check in for free 2 baby items, so you would be able to check in a travel cot and a pram/car seat as well. But we usually take the public transport from to airport to our hotel, and it’s way more comfortable if we do not have to carry anything else beside two big suitcase, two small cabin bag and of course Pixie :) If we travel by car we pack so many things it is good if the baby bed is compact.

It measures 100 cm length by 60 cm width by 58 cm height and only 1.5 kg. The average cot weights around 8 to 10 kg, imagine if you have to carry it in your hand for longer period.

The pop up bed supposed to be good from 0-18 months, but Pixie had no problem sleeping in it bit over 18 months, we’ll see how long would be able to use it. I hope it will be good for another few months, not sure what type of bed could we use after this.

Even if I curl up, I can fit in the bed :)

Samsonite pop up bed