We needed an easy solution for the bath time during our travels. I tried to take Pixie into the shower with me when she was a few months old, but she got very scared of the running water. It was obvious we needed a portable bath if we wanted to keep bath time a nice calm ritual. Read about our solution in the next part of my series about the most essential baby products.

We were thinking about getting a small blow-up baby bath. I think it has two disadvantages, one having to blow it up and then deflate it various times if we are on a road trip and the other was its quality. You all had that blow up toy that died after only one use. I was too afraid to take one on our travels and having to search for a new solution if it would die on us during the trip.

So we decided to try a foldable one. It still takes up more space than a blow-up bath, but its lifespan is longer. We got a Stokke Flexi Bath with the baby insert. It’s small enough so we were able to fit it in all the small showers during our budget road trip but was big enough for Pixie to enjoy the bath time. The water’s weight will keep the sides from folding when in use. The newborn insert keeps your baby in a comfortable position but when your baby is big enough she can have as much fun in it as in a normal baby bath.

It’s very lightweight and very easy to set up. I found it not slippery so even if you put it in the wet shower it will stay still. It has a little clip that you attach when you fold it, it keeps it together, very easy to store it.

According to the product description, it would be suitable up till 4 years of age. Since it is large enough it might be true but we didn’t take it with us during our recent travels because Pixie outgrew her fear now and she likes to play in the shower.

I definitely recommend it for travels if you have limited space!