We met with a friend and her daughter on Monday. The only issue with this that most places are closed here on Mondays. We would usually just go to the pushchair cafe which is perfect for kids but we had to search for another cafe this time.

I’ve been to Lucky Break a few months ago and I remembered how nice and quiet it was. It’s located in the old town of Antibes. It’s a bit difficult with a pram, it has a few outside tables but it is not very good for kids but has a very nice place downstairs but you would have to carry your pram down on a very narrow stairs or just leave it upstairs.

We had the entire downstairs area for just us. There are a few couches if I remember correctly 4 or 5 tables all together but this was the second morning I spent there and it wasn’t busy. High season is already over and it’s very easy to find a nice quiet space. They have a few wooden toys for the kids but Pixie decided to play with the little packets of sugars placed on the tables. She loves to empty things and then nicely pack everything and start all over again.

Their drinks are just perfect, I took a Chai latte and my friend ordered an apple smoothie which looked really good but my latte oh my, it was heavenly! Big portion, perfect seasoning! I think I found my go-to drink :) I also ordered a peanut butter cup, since my “deal” with Pixie is that whenever I eat something she can try it, I couldn’t hide it from her and she defiantly liked it! I really think that if I don’t want her to eat something because there is too much sugar in it, or not healthy, I shouldn’t eat it either otherwise I’m not being reasonable. (And yes, of course, I’m the mum and I am the boss, but in case of sweets, I try to follow this rule.)

Lucky break

The kids had fun exploring the sofas and the furniture and we could chat with my friend. The stuff is very nice and they are good with kids.

The food also looked very good, maybe we’ll try it out next time but by lunch, the little ones got tired so we decided to head home.

The place is not especially for families like the pushchair cafe but this is defiantly a good option if you want a change of scenery. The only downside is that they do not have baby changing facilities, but if you go out a lot you should be already used to this.

I forgot to take pictures this time so here is one from a few months back when we first tried it out!