Although we live on the Riviera the weather isn't always nice. During the last few weeks, we had rain and surprisingly even snow! Which happens once in a decade. Since nobody is prepared to this extreme weather life stops here. There is no public transportation and events are cancelled. We spent so much time with Pixie at home we were all ready to get out and have a nice walk.

We were very happy when finally on a Sunday morning we saw some sunlight, we got ready quickly and went for a long walk on the beach. I’m trying to teach Pixie to walk with me, not sure how long I can keep carrying given that my bump is getting bigger and bigger.

She walks a lot with her nanny, but she wants me to pick her up only after a few minutes. I was quite glad that she was willing to walk with me and my husband this time. It was sort of an easy walk until we got to the beach after Pixie only wanted to play with the pebbles and she wasn’t really walking anymore. At least she was having fun!

We wanted to visit the Corsica Cultural Days festival so after a while, we asked Pixie if she wants to continue walking or if she wants Daddy to pick her up. Obviously, she wanted to play more, we realised that walking wasn’t an option. My husband picked her up and we continued our walk with the help of our carrier. She usually gets upset when we put her in the Ergobaby when she would prefer to play but her mood changes after a minute and enjoys being so close to us.

Corsica Festival Antibes 2018

The festival wasn’t that big, a couple of stands where they were selling typical food from Corsica, ham, jam, wine, biscuits and sandwiches. And some other sellers with their handmade art, scarf, wood carvings, jewellery. You could also get information about Corsica if you were planning a trip there.

Although it’s not a big festival, they had some animations as well, you could have ordered lunch and it’s a great opportunity to get to know another region of France.

Since it was snack time we decided to try out some regional products and choose two different pastries. We thought one of them would be savoury but both of them were sweet, to our surprise one was filled with cottage cheese, it was delicious! I was quite surprised to find something like this in France, I thought that cottage cheese doesn’t really exist here.

Pixie loved it!

She is already used to a Hungarian sweet, where cottage cheese is covered with chocolate and she is always very happy when we get some from home in a care package.

The second was a fluffy chestnut one. It was great but Pixie didn’t like the taste but kept demanding a bite, no matter how many times she tried it, she didn’t want to eat it at the end but wanted to keep getting one. I guess she wanted to be part of the family snack time. She seemed quite tired at the end so we walked home, my husband kept her in the carrier. She almost falls asleep by the time we got home. I guess fresh air and a nice walked felt good after spending so many days at home.