When Pixie was just a few months old we wanted to go to the beach with her. Obviously needed some kind of protection and I thought a normal beach umbrella wouldn't be enough. We were looking for something with UV protection. And maybe something that would sort of protect us from the sand. Here you can read the next post in the series of most essential baby products.

We decided that a beach tent would be the best idea. If you search for beach tent for babies most of the result will be something very small. Your baby would fit in there, no issue, and they might be suitable for a bigger child who is sitting and playing in the tent but these are defiantly not comfortable for adults.

We ended up buying a big pop up tent from Decathlon and it was a great choice. I can easily lay down next to Pixie and it has anti-UV protection. So it’s something comfy, spacious enough for an adult and very practical as well.

It’s a pop-up tent, so it doesn’t take up much space. Although I recommend having a few trials runs at home, it’s not that evident how to fold it… the first time I didn’t manage and was happy to somehow show it in the trunk and get home.to watch some YouTube instructions. Now that I got the hang of it, it just takes a couple of seconds to.fold it, but I’m not sure if my husband who never tried it would.be able to manage without me.

We used it a lot during the first summer with Pixie. It also gave me my privacy to breastfeed Pixie. I could just hide in the tent and nobody saw us. We always tried to get to the beach early, between 7 and 8 am. Yes, at least it is useful for something when your baby wakes you up early. This way the beach was almost empty and the weather was still acceptable. We usually just stayed around two hours. I think it was more than enough for Pixie.

I’m curious to see if I would be able to convince Pixie this summer to stay in the tent and play there. Honestly, I doubt it, but if I will venture down to the beach with our few months old, it will give us a great protection.