Pixie just turned 2 and I was thinking about how to celebrate it. I was wandering if organising a party for her would be a good idea but decided not to have one just yet.

We live at the Riviera but this year February isn’t that nice so having a party outside wasn’t an option. And inviting kids over to pur flat where they would play with Pixie’s toys and would sit at her favourite spot didn’t seem a good idea. She is very particular about her possessions. She is fine sharing it with someone who she knows already and she is already used to playing with him. She never had issues playing with the same toy as her best friends, but it is. due to tue fact that she is already used to the situation.

I thought that having a party for your kid’s second birthday should be about your kid and not about you. If your kid is not social enough to share her toys just have a family celebration.

Last year she didn’t touch her cake so it was very important for me to prepare something she would definitely like. Pixie is very picky about the texture of the food. She eats purees, crunchy stuff, drinks soup, likes the creamy texture as well but nothing mixed. So in case of a cake don’t even think about a cake with biscuit base then some creamy stuff with a chocolate layer. So I made her a bana bread, keeping in mind that she likes bananas so the taste should be familiar for her and put a layer of chocolate cream inside hoping it would drive her to eat the entire cake to get to the chocolate filling, and I covered the whole thing with bitter chocolate. She was quite excited about the cake and enjoyed tasting it but she ended up eating only the bitter chocolate that covered it. Oh well, at least she was happy and I tried. Maybe I will have more luck next time.

I decorated the living room with birthday banners and blow up some balloons. This was her favourite part. She loved discovering the new decorations on the wall and she still played with the balloons days later.

It was easier this year to make a few nice pictures of Pixie because now she can follow a few directions. I managed to ask her to stay ‘still’ for a few seconds until I grabbed a few shots and she looked into the camera when we told her to. This was impossible last year, so I managed to make quite a few nice family pictures.

She was very excited when she saw the cake and we tried to show her how to blow the candle but it will take at least another year until she will learn to do that.

Her birthday present will be a toddler bed but it will take another few weeks to arrive, so she didn’t get it on the day of her birthday but I think at this age is bot important. She didn’t grasp the idea of presents yet.

Overall I think her birthday was a success. She had fun with us, and we didn’t put too much effort into organising it. This time going simple turned out to be a great choice!

Celebrating Pixie's 2nd birthday