I consider myself lucky, both times my birth experience was good with just a few minor issues.

Even if it was my second time and I should have recognized when I was in labour, I didn’t. My contractions started early morning but I honestly thought they were Braxton Hicks. They weren’t painful at all. I was playing with Pixie all morning. I made a few bumpy photos, even put on my onbu carrier to have a picture carrying Pixie with a huge belly.

I only told my hubby after lunch that he might need to come home from work and take me to the hospital. As the rush hour was getting closer I decided it was time to go in and avoid being stuck in traffic.

When we got there my contractions were only 3 minutes apart but they still weren’t painful. They decided I could stay in but since I had time I could go up to my room. It was perfect because this way I could spend some time with Pixie and my husband. I understand that kids are not allowed in the delivery room, but the hospital doesn’t have a proper waiting room so for them it wasn’t very comfortable.

Going up to my room was great, although it was a challenge to convince Pixie to keep her voice down… she was so excited. She is cute and everyone loves her and forgives her mischief but still, she should keep her voice down in a place like a hospita.l

I only went down to the delivery room when I couldn’t stay quiet during contractions and I didn’t want to scare Pixie.

We were really lucky because a nice mum offered to take care of Pixie during the delivery. Yes, I went into labour on a Friday and we needed to find someone for Friday night. Not the easiest task…

From the time I went down to the delivery room, everything was quick and easy. I had a birth plan, natural birth, trying to avoid the epidural and use everything I learnt to manage the pain. Yes, it sounds great until the hospital has a rule that you should lie down for half an hour during monitoring. But that’s the position you can’t tolerate… sorry that’s the way it is. So instead of suffering, I ended up asking for an epidural.

I was so proud of myself until that point I was dancing and ‘having fun’ I was able to manage the pain. But I know not everything can go by my plans and instead of arguing or refusing to lie down I choose the easy way.

During my first birth getting the epidural was quite complicated. The baby was so down already I wasn’t really able to bend so it was a very hard task to stay still and bend enough so my spine would be in a good position. This time it was different, everything was easy. And things started to speed up. By the time my husband got to the delivery room, they called for the doctor. He came very fast I took my position, I preferred to be on my side. It was more comfortable for me, and it’s even easier for the baby. I was surprised because my midwife told me that she didn’t have any birth for the last three months where the mum chose this position. I guess here you either choose a natural birth at your home or with a dula in the hospital or go by the traditional methods. Not sure why…

I was very pleased with the epidural, I didn’t feel the contractions but so no pain, but I could feel how the baby was descending. I only had to push a few times and he was out! I was so happy to feel when he was coming out! It’s a wonderful sensation! Make sure to ask for a ‘lighter’ dose of the epidural, they shouldn’t knock you out completely. They can stop the pain but still leave you with enough feelings that you’d be able to move your legs and feel some part of the birth.

I love the fact that they leave you alone for two hours with the baby. It’s enough time to establish a bond, for the baby to find a good latch and start breastfeeding, to get some rest and to make some funny family photos.

When I think about the fact that it only took 70 minutes to get the epidural and for the little guy to come out I’m still surprised everything went so fast and easy.

After they took him to his check.ups they told me that he was 51 centimetres and 3.5 kilos. I only took in some larger baby grows because during my last scan, 3 weeks prior the birth, the doc told me he was already 50 cm, I expected a bigger baby and he was so cute and little. And he seemed even smaller in his huge clothes 🙂

My tip for the birth? Be prepared, have a plan, but be flexible, sometimes not every midwife will let you follow your plan completely. But make sure to fight a little for what you want! You are giving birth, you know what feels right for you!

The first time I had to be a bit pushy to be able to deliver being on my side, but at the end they let me. This time I was just convinced I couldn’t stay still on the bed for the monitoring and I asked to be taken down to the delivery room instead. And since I thought I still had a lot of time I asked for the epidural because I couldn’t handle the pain.

When you are in labour you’ll know what you want to do! And if not, because you are too tired to think or too indecisive they will tell you what you should do! Don’t worry about it!