This is a theory that I believe in and helped me to understand why Pixie was behaving the way she did during the first couple of weeks. And it makes my life easier with my second one.

I often wonder how strange it is that while our babies rely on us during so many years, in nature most animals can get up walk after birth. Newborns are physically helpless and they need us most during these months.

They go through so many changes when they are born, the best thing we can do to help them is to hold them close to us.

The first few weeks are difficult for them but for us mums as well. If you are a first-time mum you’ll learn so many things about your baby and yourself.

Creating a similar environment like in our womb can help them. Babywearing, skin to skin contact, swaddling, on-demand feeding, dimming the light, all these make the new world less scary for a baby and help him cope with the changes. Just imagine what it was like for him in your belly and try to create something similar for him.

Newborns cry so much during the first few months - but don’t worry it’s normal. When I found out about this, it was a relief. I thought I was doing something wrong, but no, they just need their mamas and that’s the only way they can communicate. You will learn a few ways how you can soothe your baby, but sometimes nothing helps. You just need to hand in there! Have you thought through what he has to get used to? He was swimming comfortably in your belly and now that he came out he has to work for everything and every sensation is new for them.

With babywearing and breastfeeding, I feel we are still attached. I need to help him cope with this new world, picking him up when he cries, and feeding him on demand helps him, and it won’t spoil him and he won’t become a needy baby. Even if you hear that you have to leave a baby to cry so he’d learn how to soothe himself, just pick him up! Babies need to know you’re there for them!

Fourth trimester swaddle

You’d like your baby to sleep through the night laying in his bed? But he never had to lie down before, he was crawled up in your belly and moving constantly. No wonder why they prefer babywearing, sleeping on you while you are walking around, this is what they already know.

My friend’s advice was just to survive the first three months, it will get better! And this was true! With Pixie, I just concentrated on this and was hoping that after she got used to the new world it will be a bit easier! And it was!

If you are struggling during the first few weeks, don’t worry, just hang in there! It will get better!