Although I would be glad to be able to do some acro yoga with my kids, for now, I just have to balance our life.

Although I would be glad to be able to do some acro yoga with my kids, for now, I just have to balance our life.

Two months already passed, or just yet, it’s hard to decide how to think about these months. And the biggest challenge for me is to decide who to take care of two kids at the same time. I’m a stay at home mom, which means that Pixie is used to getting a lot’s of my attention. We used to play together all day when she was home and I only had to deal with the house chores and her. Lately could involve her in some of the housework, she loves to spend time in the kitchen, although her help means that everything takes longer, and you need much more patience because things will definitely spill and you will create a mess but for me, it was worth it!

Now it’s a challenge. My baby loves to sleep on me, and he still hasn’t learnt how to sleep in his bed :) yes, mummy is much more comfy. And I wouldn’t mind. Pixie was the same. The only issue is that I have two now. I cannot say to Pixie all the time that mummy cannot come to play with her because the baby is sleeping on me. Nor do I want to put down my baby in the crib because he’d be woken up in 15 minutes and cry for mummy. Some babies are perfect sleepers. And no matter what happens you cannot wake them up. This is not true in our case. I have tried everything but for now, it’s not working.

I still need to teach Pixie some independence and I can hope that after the fourth trimester my little baby will be less attached to me and he’d be fine with me putting him down for his naps.

My only remedy is babywearing and going out. When I put my little one in our stretchy wrap he can sleep for hours. I can get things done at home, play with Pixie and he won’t wake up. Or we can go out, I don’t know how babies know that we are not at home any more but he tends to sleep perfectly outside. Even if I go out to the terrace and walk in circles with him it doesn’t have the same effect. We are spending so much time at the playground now! And it’s great! Pixie is running out, the little one is sleeping on me. And although kids are definitely not quiet at a playground I still feel that I can catch my breath and I can enjoy the silence.

Balancing with the kids

Sometimes being more active is more relaxing, going out with the kids, take them to a playground, go down to the beach, or just have a small walk with them in the town. I can never get to rest at home with them. But when we leave the flat I fell that finally I can have a break and relax a bit.