Ok, maybe I’m a crazy mum but I wanted to celebrate her 2,5 birthday! I don’t plan to do it every year but she is still so small I wanted her to have a special day!

She helped me make her cake! I found a great recipe for a chocolate vegan cake. You just mix all the ingredients together and bake it. It’s a perfect cake to make with a toddler. I measured all the ingredients put them in different containers and called Pixie to help me. She was so happy pouring everything into the ball and then trying to mix it. It’s amazing to see her getting so excited about something so simple. But she knew it was her cake and she was a proud sous chef for this day.

She still prefers if a meal is something simple if it doesn’t contain many ingredients. So a plain chocolate cake without any decoration was perfect for her.

I was lucky and won a few kid’s books on facebook from Celandkids which just arrived in time for Pixie’s half birthday.

Pixie is reading her new book

It was a perfect present for her. She loves books and she needed a few new ones already, she has her favourites but we ‘read’ them 100 times already.

One of them also contained a CD with some well known French rimes, this book was a perfect present for me as well because it was definitely time for me to learn a few French ones! Pixie couldn’t wait to listen to the CD so she just ripped it out from the book! Luckily without major damage :) And she already knows how to operate our CD player so we are listening to French kids songs and rimes now every day!

We didn’t have a big celebration but we spend a great day with Pixie making her cake and celebrating her! She was so happy and kept saying me happy, m happy! Whenever there is a celebration she calls the cake happy cake and just repeats happy-happy-happy!