You’d think it is a bad thing but for us it’s great!

We live at the French Riviera which means great weather all year and plenty of nice places to discover. (Did you know that the French Riviera got famous due to its perfect offseason? There are so many great places to go during summer but thanks to its mild winter people used to flee this place during the winter time)

So for us, summer meant heat waves, every playgroup closed, being stuck at home most of the day. But now it’s over!

We went back to our favourite groups and we can go out for walks during the day! It’s awesome!

We went to feed the ducks, (don’t forget, bread is not good for them, try oats, corn instead!) We went to my favourite English playgroup and Pixie remembered the place! Kid’s memory is strange for me, we haven’t been there for a year and she remembers, she puts down her toy in the other room and she goes crazy because she doesn’t know where it went. Anyhow, for my surprise, she remembered the playgroup where we used to go! It’s a great one, starts with singing and free play or crafts for the bigger ones and we sing a few songs for saying goodbye. Pixie is always shy with kids she doesn’t know so she will need a couple of sessions to really enjoy the place but we had a great first group with only a few kids so it was easier for her.

By the time I get used to her behaviour it always changes. She was very independent then became attached to me they wanted to explore everything and now she is extremely shy. I hope that all the playgroups where we go now will help her to become more social.

Our weeks will be very busy, Monday morning English playgroup, Tuesday with the nanny, Wednesday morning the French playgroup, Thursday with the nanny and Friday morning English playgroup again, and I want to include some outings to the forest and the park.

This way it is also easier with my little one, his mornings are relatively easy, so he doesn’t mind if I just put him down at the playmat while I play with Dalma. And he loves to sleep in the carrier when we are out and about. And it’s also great for me, I’m active with them and meeting other mums.

Don’t be afraid to have a very busy week, kids enjoy it and it will do good for you!