It was time I chose a nickname for our little one!

Pixie got her nickname based on her character, but how do you choose a name for a newborn?

Ok, we had to choose his ‘real’ name already but I wanted a nickname for him for this blog. Since he is still a newborn it’s was a bit hard, and I couldn’t decide for quite some time.

So I ended up choosing Manny which is just the shorter version of his name. Actually, he has two first names 😊 and Manny is his second given name. I hope he will like it growing up and won’t look at us as silly parents for giving him a not so common name in France nor in Hungary.

By the way, it was very difficult to find a name that works well in Hungarian, French, English and we liked. I wanted something special, something not so common, but my husband vetoed all my extreme choices. So when he proposed something more unique I sad yes. We’ll see how he’ll like it.