We love to go out, go hiking, wander around nice little villages. But due to the heatwave, we didn’t do as much as we’d have liked during the summer. September seemed to be the perfect time to start our hiking adventure with our two little ones.

We took the train to Tende, a small village up in the mountains. I was afraid of the train ride but it went well. A few years ago we have already been to Tende when we visited the village now it was time to hike up to the small chapel sitting on the top of a rock. There are two possibilities to get there. One is for those who prefer extreme sports, there is a via ferrata trail starting from the cemetery, I hope one day I will have the chance to try it out but for now, we stuck to the other trail a short hike in the hillside leading up to the rocks. It’s just an hour hike but it’s pretty steep, there is a small section where you gain 200 meters, which makes the trail a medium difficulty hike. The end is also challenging for those who do not like heights or walking on the edge. It’s just a few hundred meters but you better hold on the rail!

Since we haven’t hiked for quite some time it was challenging for both my husband and I. He realised that now Pixie’s weight adds an extra difficulty to it and for me, I still have to get back in shape after giving birth.

Our first hike with the 2 kids

Pixie was quite ok up until the end, but we didn’t want to take her out from the carrier, we didn’t find the top kid-friendly and kept saying to her she will be able to run around as soon as we’ll get back to town. Luckily Manny slept through the entire hike, I guess he likes fresh air as all other babies!

Pixie was so happy when getting back to the village and it was her time to run around! I was very surprised, she was running around all afternoon in the villages we visited. I think this was the first time when she was walking this much. We took the train and went to visit another little village on the way back. We were curious how Pixie would be handling the all-day outing but she was great!

Manny was an easy baby! He slept through the hike, was quite all day and in the nice weather, it was easy to change his nappy at a bench when we stopped to have a picnic.

We must have spent around 3 hours wandering around all afternoon and Pixie was walking all the way to hold my hand! It was great! Charming little towns are perfect with little kids. Usually, the centre is just for pedestrians so you don’t have to worry that much and kids can roam freely!

We were very tired by the end of the day and the bedtime was very easy! I was so happy we were brave enough to schedule a full day trip with the kids, it turned out to be great!