I always wanted to try out a ring sling, the idea of it being so simple attracted me!

Manny was getting too big for our Moby wrap, my woven wrap is a bit long, and it’s perfect for some fancy finish or some more complicated wrap but for a simple cross carry one it’s too long for the moment. So I thought a ring sling would be an ideal option for a 4 months old.

So let’s get one. Trying to explain to my husband that although I have various baby carriers I need a new one seemed kinda difficult, I thought I will stick with the budget option and find a second hand one. Ok let’s look through Facebook marketplace and all other options… nothing near me :( after some long search I found one I like in Hungary, so I asked my mom to buy it for me and send it with her next care package. But I was waiting for it so long I decided to start searching again. And voilà, I found one extremely cheap but quite far… I was sad for a moment but I realised we were visiting that town in a few weeks. So I patiently waited and I was hoping it won’t get sold.

And I was lucky!!! I got to buy a sling for just 13 euros!!! Yay!! Nothing fancy, but it’s a good quality and perfect for trying it out and see if I like the sling or not.

Ring sling

And a few days later what happened, I got my package from my mom with the sling I picked out earlier, so in one week I got two new baby carriers :) Ok, I’m an addict, I can confess now!

But it’s normal! Girls need nice stuff, and me, who wears the kids every day, it’s not just a tool, it’s an accessory!

Now I need to get used to the ring sling and decided if I like it or not! I was lucky because the first day I tried it I met a doula, who is also a carrying consultant, so she could give me a few tips and check if I was doing it right.

My first impression was great, so easy to use… until Manny started to move so much he almost got out from it. He is very restless at the moment, and would like to move all the time, so when in the sling he just pushed himself away from me; and the material started to get out from under his butt… I checked and I tightened the sling well, and everything seemed fine, just my wriggly little one decided he didn’t want to stay in it any longer.

I hope he will get used to it soon, I think it is just a phase for him, he is just at the point of learning how to crawl and he is very tense because he cannot for the now no matter how much he tries.

We’ll see how his behaviour will change in the next couple of days.

Hoping for the best!