When Pixie was born she was a considerably calm baby. But when she turned 1 month something changed. She was only willing to sleep on me and she preferred if I was walking. I was getting tired holding her in my arms and going in circles at home, so I knew I needed something. Read on the learn more about Moby stretchy wrap and Mei Tai in the next part of my series about the most essential baby products.

Moby stretchy wrap

I got a moby wrap from my husband and it was exactly what we needed. The fabric is very soft, mine was a greenish-mint colour which was perfect since I love green! A stretchy wrap is basically a very long stretchy fabric. The moby one has a sign in the middle which helps you when you wrap it, its.to find the middle and you know which side is suppose to be up

Don’t worry if you do not know how to use a wrap. It is fairly easy to learn some basic styles, especially with a stretchy wrap! You can tie it on you without the baby, and just slide your little one in the pockets. If you practise it a few tines it will become easy. There are hundreds of videos on youtube, you can learn it at home as well.

If you’d prefer the guidance of a professional, you can go to an organised class or ask a babywearing consultant to come to your house and the basics and choose the carrier that fits you the most.

After I got confident enough, it only took a few days, I started walking with Pixie in moby wrap. It was amazing! As soon as we left the house she calmed down, and fell asleep soon enough! I used to walk 10 kilometers every day. It provided her with a long nice sleep, and some quite time for me. You cannot imagine how peaceful it is to walk around the old town, or by the beach and just empty your mind. It gave me strength to continue my day with Pixie. If you wrap it correctly, you can get your baby out and then slight her back in and you only have to fasten the wrap. It was useful when I took Pixie out for a few minutes, but whenever I moved around a lot without her being in the wrap it didn’t really stayed in place and I had to re-wrap it.


Also by babywearing every day it gave me physical strength as well and I can carry Pixie without any issues now. Lot’s of people ask me how can I do it, now, when she is 19 months, but my answer is that I’m used to it. She was so small when we started and we got used to it together. She grew up and I grew stronger.

Mei Tai

The stretchy wrap was useful for me when we just went out for a walk but when I knew that I have to keep getting Pixie out of the carrier and then putting her in again I wanted something quicker.

I tried out a basic Mei Tai, and it was very easy to use. I found it very useful when we went in the town to have a cafe, or I put her down to play at the beach. It was so easy to tie it. Only a couple of seconds. It also had a very pretty pattern, ok looks are not the most important when choosing a carrier but still, I have to admit I enjoyed having a beautiful mei tai.

The Mei Tai has a square fabric part with four long padded straps at each corner to tie it around you. Its flexible style allows you to custom fit it to your body type and adapts to your baby’s size. You can carry in it all 3 positions, facing-in, hip and backpack.

She grew out of it very quickly, and it didn’t distribute her weight as well as our carriers so I started using the ergobaby when she was bigger. But it was definitely a good choice for couple of months complementing our stretchy wrap.

Mei Tai