This is not a true baby product, but it saved us a lot’s of washing and made our life easier!

I still don’t get a few baby products on the market. They supposed to be good for your baby and make your life better but sometimes I truly think they just have a good marketing team. You put some kind of mat on your changing table, they are waterproof most of the time. Perfect! I’m fine until this point, and sure, we have a changing mat, it would be very hard to position a baby comfortably on a wooden surface.

So if there are any incidents you can just wipe it off and no problem. But they sell those nice cotton covers for your mat, but why? Yes, I understand, it looks way nicer and it must be more comfy for the baby to lay on a cotton sheet instead of the plastic mat. But what happens in case of an incident? How many covers do you have or do you wash them every day?

Instead of these expensive covers, we used the medical paper roll. We just put it behind the mat and after every change we just rolled down a new paper sheet, it was so easy! And if the accident wasn’t a small one, we had easy access to the extra paper which helped us out a few times. When Pixie was just a few months old her digestion was very fast and I needed to change her almost every 2 hours. And you know what babies tend to do? When you move their legs during a nappy change or just because you undress them and they are exposed to the ‘cold’ environment they will go peepee or poopoo. Yes, it happens a lot, at least it did with Pixie and we had so many accidents on the changing mat we needed the extra help from the paper roll.

You can order them from Amazon, as we did, or I guess they should sell them in bigger pharmacies. I definitely recommend them! Very handy, easy to use, more comfortable for the baby than being on a plastic met, not expensive at all. We found them absolutely useful.