We wanted to travel somewhere far away! Paying for 3 full price flight tickets is not cheap, don’t want to wait until we have to pay for Manny as well.

We’ll be able to discover the rest of Europe when he turns 2, the low-cost airlines charge almost the same for an infant as for an adult.

Where to go? It was a hard choice. It’s hard to find something you want to do and it’s still kids friendly. Sure a beach vacation is great for the kids and would be much more relaxing for us, but we live by the sea, if I’d go on a vacation I’d like to go somewhere exciting.

So, we might be crazy but our destination is Vietnam! Yay! It’ll be the first time for all of us, and I cannot wait!

And we will go from the South to the North and visit a bunch of places. So it’s definitely not a usual vacation with kids. But they have to get used to travelling at some point, don’t they? So why not start early?!

I hope it will turn out great and I’m not completely crazy! :)