This is just a shout out to those mums who think it will never end.

Yes, it’s hard, yes it takes ages, but they will learn to sleep through the night and fall asleep on their own. It’s not a myth. It exists, it just takes time.

And yes, I’m very tired, haven’t slept in 3 years, so I’m not blessed with one of those miracle babies who lets her parents sleep. I got two little cheeky monkeys who want to be with mummy all the time.

But Pixie is 3 years old now and the magic finally happened. She’s been sleeping through the night for months now but we reached the point where we can leave her room after the bedtime routine, she is still awake but she can fall asleep on her own now. This gave me so much strength, I now know that there will be a point where Manny will be able to do the same.

Pixie used to fall asleep while breastfeeding, yes people kept telling me that’s not how it supposed to be… but what can you do if the baby prefers that…

She was also breastfed on demand. So if she wanted milk four times a night it meant I had to get up.

Then she started coming into our bed around 3 am when she was bigger. Yes, I could have taken Pixie back to her room but I didn’t have the strength every night and it was so easy just to let her sleep in our bed.

The bedtime routine was long and it’s still is, but we had to wait at least half an hour until she managed to fall asleep while we were holding her hand or lying next to her in her bed.

But she’s grown up! I cannot believe it!

After bath time we still have a long routine, playtime with some drawing on her chalk wall and story time but after all these, we can switch off the light kiss her good night and leave.

I know it’s still a long time for Manny to get to this point but I’m still so happy! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.