We used to take Pixie swimming almost every week until Manny was born. She loved the water, playing and had so much fun! I was looking forward to taking Manny for his first swim, and it turned out great!

Pixie was so excited when we told her that we are going again! She asked us a few times before if we could go, but in France, baby-swimming starts at 6 months, so we needed to wait.

Pixie didn’t hesitate to go into the water. She chose two floaties, we put them on her arms and she was off! It was a surprise! The last time she was still holding on to me and now my big girl was swimming! There’s only one issue, she still doesn’t like when her face or hair gets wet… yes, in a pool she wants to avoid going under the water, even when she goes down a slide, so we have to catch her in time.

I was hoping that Manny will be more ok with water, so since he was born we washed his face and hair every bath. I think this helped because he loved his first swim! We asked a few tips from the swim coach, how to submerge him the correct way, how to ‘teach’ him to swim or if there is anything to avoid.

The pool where we go to is rather about having fun than learning to swim, so there is no organised class or exercises for the babies if you ask them they help out but everyone usually just plays with the kids.

With the help of the instructor we submerged Manny underwater, he was surprised but he was ok with it! I was so happy!

First Baby Swimming in 2019

Hopefully will get used to being underwater soon and he will learn to swim to be able to play with Pixie!