Even a usual day has so many challenges with two kids. I didn’t set high expectations for Christmas, I wished for a quiet, intimate day with just the 4 of us.

We try to keep the Hungarian traditions, so we exchange presents on the 24th of December.

In the morning went into town for a stroll so Manny would sleep a bit in the carrier, and Pixie would be tired enough to have a nice afternoon nap.

The old town was full, and it had a nice atmosphere, as nice as Christmas day can be in 18 degrees 🙂 We visited the Christmas market and fair, didn’t want to stay long in town just wanted to have two tired kids!

There was a stand where kids could get some cute face painting. It was part of the free kids’ activities offered by our town. Pixie wanted to try it out and she asked for something red so she got a Santa’s hat.

Christmas Market With Pixie 2018

We arrived home almost the same time as my husband from work, yes the 24th is a workday in France.

We had a nice Christmas lunch, even Pixie was willing to sit longer with us at the table.

We told her that after she wakes up Santa will have already visited us and maybe she would find some present under the tree! She didn’t hesitate to go for a nap this time, she was looking forward to finding a present under the tree.

We don’t exchange surprise presents any more with my husband. I found an add for a second-hand sewing machine and asked my husband to get it for me, and I got him a yoghurt maker so we could prepare it and make it healthier than the store bought ones.

Everything was packed (in newspapers as we didn’t buy wrapping paper 😀 but it’s better for the environment anyway) and under the tree when Pixie woke up.

We just got her one present, the one she was asking for, she wanted a three-wheel scooter!

Whenever she saw a kid with one she was telling me she wanted one. We told her that maybe Santa would bring one for her, so she was looking forward to Christmas day!

Her nanny sent her presents, she told me to put it under the tree, even we didn’t know what was inside 🙂

Manny got a cute bunny rattle and a lullaby soft toy since he is just 6 months he just wants to chew on everything and cannot really play with toys yet.

Christmas Home 2018

I don’t think Christmas should be about the presents. I think kids do not need to get crazy expensive toys to be happy, and we do not need to buy them tons of gifts. For me Christmas is about family, we are all together and appreciate what we have.

Pixie was so happy when she woke up and ran out to the living room. And she saw the presents! She ordered us to sit down and was happy to open all of the boxes and distributed them 🙂

She immediately wanted to try out her scooter so we got dressed and went down to the park. She was so happy! It was so great to see the joy on her face!

The day was a success! I’m glad we did something low-key, it was nice and fun! Manny’s first Christmas and maybe the first one Pixie will remember!