I’m a bit crazy about Christmas, I love the decoration, the holiday spirit, Santa and everything to do with it. I try to avoid forcing my kids to do stuff because it means something for me. I hope they will like the same sort of things but I don’t want to force them.

Last year taking a picture with Santa was a challenge because Pixie was afraid of the real Santas. She liked all the decorations, all the blow-up Santas, all Santa ornaments but who knows why she didn’t like the men dressed up as Santa. We managed to take a family photo with one when she rather focused on us and Santa was just in the background. But any time I asked her if she wants to make a photo with him the answer was no. I was extremely happy that we managed to get a photo with all of us on the picture no matter if Santa wasn’t in the focus.

This year I tried a different approach.

I asked her if she remembered that she got some chocolates from Santa last year. And told her that in a couple of days we’ll go and see him again and it will be fun! I told her that this year Manny will also be with us, so both of them can go and see Santa!

She seemed excited, so I brought it up again a few times like it was something to look forward to, something great. And Pixie went with it.

On the day I took out the Christmas jumpers, Pixie and Manny got matching ones from a friend. Yes, I said I’m a bit crazy about Christmas 🙂

She was so happy to wear the same thing as Manny. She seemed ok with the idea if going to see Santa.

When we got there she was so excited but as we waited for our turn she got a bit scared and asked me to go there as well. So I went, I help her to sit next to Santa and gave Manny to Santa and the magic happened. She didn’t asked me to join but smiled and was so happy to get her photo taken with Santa.

Pixie and Manny with Santa

I guess preparing her was a great idea! I have the perfect picture I can send to our family!

On a side note, she is still afraid of Santa, we run into one and she didn’t even want to look at him. But now I know what I need to do next year!