I think this was the easiest part of organising our journey! There are so many hotels in Vietnam I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for no matter your budget.

When we look for a place to stay our criteria is to have a double and a single bed for the 4 of us, private bathroom and its rating should be 4/5 or 7.5/10.

For my surprise when we went for a few days trip to the Mekong, our room wasn’t booked in advance but the receptionist managed to give us a huge room with two double beds. I was so glad it was available!

We usually take our pop up bed with us for Pixie and book a normal double room but this time we wanted to pack light and it was so easy to find family rooms.

Since we were travelling with small kids we also booked a room for the night when our bus left at 10 pm. It was more convenient to have a shower and a place to rest before we left for the station.  We also booked a room when we arrived at 4 am. We wanted to make sure they would have a room ready for us. Yes, travelling in Vietnam is not always easy but at least we always had a huge bed to sleep!

Travelling in Vietnam

Almost all of our accommodation came with breakfast, it was easier with kids to eat at the hotel than going out searching for some food. Banana pancakes or a great pho was a great way to start our day!

We tried to book a place in the centre or when travelling by bus as close to the station as possible.

Just don’t forget, in Vietnam you get what you paid for. If you book a budget room don’t expect much! And personnel won’t always speak English ☺️ with some we used Google translate, some called the owner and we could speak with them on the phone and at one place nothing worked so we just gave up. I once went into a luxury hotel to ask for some help and everyone spoke perfect English.

We tried to stay on a budget so we chose the cheaper places, our rooms were around 15-20 euro per night with breakfast for all of us. We always had a big room, relatively clean and a great breakfast!

My favourite hotel was the Green Valley Hotel in Phong Nha. The rooms are spacious, clean, the owner speaks perfect English, he helped us book the perfect tour to visit the caves and the jungle. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from the bus station.

We usually book at hotels.com or booking.com and read through TripAdvisor reviews. I just open their map and look at the hotels matching my criteria and located in a convenient area.

You need to do a bit of research before booking a room, definitely read through the reviews but you’ll find what you are looking for.