I haven’t been as active online as I wished… It was hard to sit down and concentrate on personal reasons. However, we’ve been a very active family. Went to Budapest alone with Manny, first time away from Pixie and first time flying alone with a kid. My husband also went to Budapest but he took Pixie.

Pixie started kindergarten in September and she learnt so much! They started to learn the alphabet and her French progressed so much!

We had a week holiday in the mountains where we hiked with the kids, ok we hiked and carried them while they had a rest!

We went to New York with the two of them during the Christmas break.

And this was the first Christmas when Pixie was already aware what’s happening so we tried to have as much fun as possible and create some family traditions.

Dani had a nanny two times a week but our contact ended so now he is full time with me until I find a new nanny which is not an easy task.

As you can see we had a lot going on and I’ll try to be better and write more about our life! I used to enjoy so much sitting down, having a break and write this blog so I will try to put aside more time and be more active!